How Different We was born


We are twin sisters – DifferentWE founders – Oksana and Anželika. We were inseparable since childhood: our mom was dressing us the same clothing, our dad never guessed which one of us was calling him and our friends and classmates haven’t even tried to find out – they just called us ,,sisters”. That’s how we are going through the life holding hands, thoughts and beloved common activity.

DifferentWE project was born of desire to work and have our soulmate around – sister – share our thoughts, ideas, creating beautiful things, risk and make hard decisions. We grew up by sitting together on school desk, studying in a college, later – university. Once we were working together in the same company! To have personal and very close adviser at every step in your life – incredibly sweet feeling which we don’t want to loose. We and DifferentWE are the biggest opportunity and gift of our lives!


DifferentWE – our part of the soul, that’s why leisurewear, sleepwear and now evening dresses creation is more than a creative work. Sometimes it feels that this way we can show our thoughts, our worldview, our perception of fashion and beauty.

We adore classic, elegance and femininity with modern spice, exclusive accessories, colors and stylish textures.

We raising our hands for innovation and trying to bring them as much as possible to our world. We motivate our customers not to be afraid to change, love yourself, feel incredibly everywhere and every time, to look as beautiful as in the dreams. We say – ,,Don’t depend on anyone’s opinion, just listen to your heart and inner voice”

We watch how DifferentWE makes thousands of women self-confident, feminine and lets spread beauty to all the people around them. But the most important thing is to make women feel amazing as they look!

We are very happy to announce that new DifferentWE is coming soon – evening, cocktail dresses. Elegant, stylish and very welcome! Dresses will be made of luxury Armani silk – pleasure to wear it! We really hope that our loyal customers will choose our new production, and the new ones – fell in love with old and new collection.


With love –

Twins Anželika and Oksana




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